Some of my recent work.

16th Jan
advertising copywriter ireland

Strapline copy

Branding and strapline for SOUDA (Southampton University Organ Donation Association), a voluntary...

15th Nov

Advertising Copy

I worked on this campaign for Innovation Flooring. They wanted posters to...

24th Oct

Marketing Copy

        Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children wanted me...

24th Oct

Website Copy

  Here’s some of my web work. Click the images to visit...

24th Oct


GoReport from Eoin Alexander on Vimeo. GoReport asked me for ideas and...

24th Oct

Fear’s not a bad thing

According to a press report today, as many as 50% of drivers...

05th Oct
Fear’s not a bad thing

Remember: copywriting sells

04th Oct
copywriting sells

Script Writing

Afromic Productions produced a short documentary exploring the Mod Scene in Northern...

19th Aug

Outsmart 99% of the Competition in One Move

  It’s that simple. Just be different. Be unexpected. You will be...

14th Aug

Copywriting advice by copywriters for copywriters

The image below is the wallpaper and screensaver on my computer. Inspired...

05th Jul
Freelance Copywriter Ireland

10 mins with Dave Trott, copywriting hero

Priceless advice from a copywriting legend…

28th May

Great thinking, great copywriting, great campaign

In that order. This campaign is hilarious. It’s also a good example...

14th Mar
Great thinking, great copywriting, great campaign

Advertising we love: Google

Here’s the latest twist on Google’s TV spots – a new way...

03rd Jan
Advertising we love: Google